Exclusive, high quality apparel

with cycling at its heart.


Inspired Locally, Ridden Globally


Sub Twenty produces exclusive, high quality, casual cycling clothing and apparel that appeals to discerning riders.

Inspired locally in South West London, Sub Twenty celebrates the best riding environment in the urban world, with a passion for looking good at its very core.

Sub Twenty is for cyclists who want to stand out among their peers.


The name, Sub Twenty, is a nod to the benchmark time a serious cyclist will take to ride a 10.8km lap of the Park. Go sub 20 minutes and you are on form, you belong. The brand is born from the founders’ desire to ‘take Richmond Park with them’ wherever they go. To share the feeling of community, freedom and sheer joy that cycling in the Park gives them... and to remind riders of sunny days on Sawyers Hill and of brave descents down Broomfield.

Sub Twenty clothing is limited and exclusive. Wearing it marks you out as a cyclist with panache, someone who wants to be more than a follower. A cyclist who belongs to a community that understands why we ride.


Aside from the classic and original Sub Twenty essential tee, all our clothing is manufactured in limited editions of 100 items and each garment is individually numbered. No more will ever be made.